Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Some students bio-metric aadhar attendance is not being submitted from 17/12/2015 till today as the message displayed is 'AADHAR AUTHENTICATION IS FAILED'. Hence give necessary instructions. ?

If they are not able to give their attendance(after trying with their 10 fingers) from 17th of this month , they need to update their finger prints with Aadhar server at Aadhar enrollment centers

Question 2: The following students PIN Numbers are not available in the Aadhar List. Therefore kindly resolve the issue as early as possible. Please find the attachment. ?

The students who were attached, are they appearing in your college login or not? If no, please sent ask Board to send all the details of the students to CGG. If yes, please check whether the aadhar no. of the students are given and are correct. If they are incorrect please correct them using "Forms-->Aadhar No. Updation form " service in your college login.

Question 3: awregggggggggggg ?


Question 4: how do i submit my college details ?

just go to services >college>update college and fill up the details.

Question 5: Please give detailed procedure on posting data in the college website. ?

Please click on the Post Website Content Service in the menu. By Default the About college option is selected , please write some content about your college and click on the save button when you are done. After entering the About College, please select homepage Slider option and add/upload atleast 2 images. of your colleges. In the same way you can edit the Recent Updates,Notification and also the colors of your college website. Once you are Done please check your output in***yourcollegeplace***.edu